Beng’s Production is looking for new students who are keen to learn the depths of underwater filmmaking, who are enthusiastic to be a part of our team, and who would like to make the most mesmerizing scenes under the water. With the new season approaching, we are hiring new teammates to make the best of film, ad and TV show projects. If you are interested, contact us.



This Beng’S system  A7r II housing is designed specifically for the Sony a7R II , A7SII & A9 cameras with CINE lenses.

Previously unheard level of performance in low light situation and high ISO setting. Mirrorless design make do without the mechanical complexity and bulkiness of traditional DSLR cameras, instead relying on electronic viewfinder or LCD viewing, some of the perks of the Sony® a7R II and a7SII are:

  • It can alternate from still to video record mode directly, without the need to switch, rotate or flip a lever to go from one shooting mode to the other.
  • Doing away with the mirror mechanism makes for a slimmer body design, yet, the camera maintain a solid quality of feel and handling and the body has a great layout of controls for the underwater photographer with a large choice of customizable buttons. Most functions can be reassigned, including focus operations of the camera to the rear AF-ON button. Shutter speed adjustment, aperture value (both have independent controls) and the ISO setting is quickly accessed using the rear control wheel.
  • The Sigma Cine lens round-up has dramatically improved recently, and can be expanded by using a Sigma FE to Canon® EF lens mount converter to access a multitude of Canon® EF mount lenses.
  • The Sony® a7R II and a7SII offers recording of 4K 30p video footage straight on the internal memory card or stream uncompressed 4:2:2 8-bit signal via HDMI, or actually do both simultaneously, they also do in-camera recording of full frame 4K  video footage, using the full width of its sensor. they have the incredible 5 Axis sensor shift image stabilization of their predecessor, the A7 II, so be prepared for super high quality images coming out of the water with this camera. (insert 4K-VIDEO-Black)


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