Akın Bağcılar




Graduated from Maltepe University with a B.A. Cinema degree in 2008, Akın Bağcılar participated in many short films, movies, music videos and documentaries as the director and as the director of photography. During his sophomore year at the college, he started taking classes of “Underwater Imaging Techniques”. Right before his graduation, he started to work with his professor, Bengiz Özdereli, and his team, Beng’S Production. Since then he worked as the director of photography on many projects. Also, he mastered his editing skills by editing all the behind the scenes of every project and became a film editor in the crew. He volunteered in many social responsibility projects.



Aside from his professional career, he also actively participates in national and international film festivals. He was awarded first prize in the underwater short film category with the film he both directed and edited “Yeşil ile Saklananlar” at the 11th Marmara Festival. With the same festival’s international stage, he was also awarded second prize with his film “Hope the Asphodel”. By taking the highest score in Turkey Golden Palette Underwater Film Festival he was awarded the gold medal in 2012-2013, and also was entitled to be a national athlete to represent Turkey in the international competitions.



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