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Bengiz Ozdereli, an ITU graduate, an architect and a designer for 32 years long, started taking underwater photographs in 1992. After a while, he decided that the underwater world could better be understood through moving images and he extended his specialty to this direction.
He received more than 100 prizes in the national and international competitions by his underwater videos. After being a contestant in the Turkish Underwater Federation’s and Kemer  Promotion Foundation’s underwater photography and video competitions, he later on participated as the jury in both competitions since the early 2000s.
Özdereli is one of the founders of the International Marmara Underwater Festival, who has been a member of the jury since 2004 and also chaired the jury. In 2011, he successfully completed the presidency of the 11th festival together with his team.
He received many international awards by participating as the director of photography in one of Ercan Tutal’s projects called “Diving is Freedom”, a documentary featuring 7 disabled divers’ adventure in the Red Sea. Some of the prizes are as they follow;
The Czech Republic / The Grand Prize at Paf Tachov, Second Prize, and Jury Special Award,
France / Antibes World Underwater Festival, French Cinema, and Video Federation Special Award,
Italy / Rome, Special Prize of the Jury at the Pelagos Festival,
Italy / Trofeo Delle Bocche / Eco Sub Competition, Jury Social Message Award,
Belgrade Underwater Film Festival / First Prize,
In Slovakia / High Tatras Underwater Film Festival, The Jury Special Award
He was the director of photography in the film adapted from the book called “Stars of the Underwater”, where he recorded the mating of one of the most poisonous creatures in the world -Blue Spotted Octopus- in its natural environment for the first time in the world.
Bengiz Özdereli gives “Underwater Imaging Courses” to his students every year as an instructor at Maltepe University for 7 years. Ozdereli actively participates in many movies, short films, documentaries, advertisements and social responsibility projects by underwater photography and cinematography.
With his “Beng’S Production” team, he has been producing professional underwater images for the cinema, TV and the commercial sectors.
He constantly customizes and upgrades his own equipment to make new equipment that would meet the new challenges under the label “Beng’SHARK Underwater Equipment” and competes with the world brands.

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